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project management training

Most of the time, when someone says "Project Management", they're either talking about software development or construction.  But projects come in all shapes and sizes and across all disciplines, not just IT and construction.

The formal practice of "Project Management" was born out of the software development and contruction industries, and so many of the practices and processes seem to be built around these industries.  However, if you look at the practice of "Agile Development", these methods were born out the necessity to communicate across teams and deliver value in a predictible manner with high quality. There's nothing "software development" about understanding what your customer needs and fulfiling that need on time and with the highest quality.

Whether your objectives involve case files at a law firm, moving into a new office building, creating new products, managing a field force of real estate agents, planning and managing the work of an auto mechanic, there are project management best practices that can help your efficiency and increase bottom line value.

Even within the construction industry, where many believe there is no place for agile development, Cultivate Agile can help you uncover the hidden value of Kanban, paired work, iterative development, workflow management and a prioritized backlog of objectives.

Project Management 101

Let's face it, most trained Project Managers are in the software development, IT, and construction industries.  But what if you're not in those industries?  Or what if you are, but simply have a newer team wanting to gain a solid baseline of skills?  Cultivate Agile can provide custom tailored project management training at the group or individual level.  Using a combination of traditional and modern techniques, we can bring an understanding to the "triple constraint" of Scope, Cost, Schedule and advance the art and science of Project Management within your organization, leading to more predictible outcomes with higher quality and better customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Project

While there are newer, project management tools on the market, Microsoft Project is still one of the most widely used applications for planning and managing projects of all shapes and sizes.  At Cultivate Agile, we can customize a training course in Microsoft Project specifically tailored to your organization.  Want to just get the basics of projet management, we can help.  Not in software development, but need to manage delivery according to a schedule? We can help there too. 

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