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Whether you need an independent evaluation of your current or planned agile implementation, an experienced agile coach to assist agile teams in achieving their full potential, or a dedicated project manager to usher in the value of new agile capabilities...

Cultivate Agile can help.

are you ready for agile?


(taking your first steps)

Cultivate Agile's "Agility Report", provides valuable insight into your planned agile journey.  What's required for a project to produce value through agile methods versus what's simply nice-to-have? From DevOps, Scrum, SAFe, Product Backlogs, Backlog Grooming, Story Card Creation, to Scrum Masters and Product Owners, just the terminology can seem daunting. The "Agility Report" can help layout or validate your agile roadmap.  

Evaluation - First Steps

let cultivate agile offer an objective opinion

Evaluation - Next Steps


(current state of agile)

Cultivate Agile's "Agility Report", provides an unbiased and objective review of your current agile projects.  Covering topics of DevOps, Backlog Grooming, Schedule Management, Story Card Creation, Cross Team Communication and Product Owner Engagement just to name a few.

cultivate agile can lend a guiding hand

agile coaching

Already have an agile team, but you're not sure if you're seeing  the real value of scrum or SAFe?  Sounds like you may simply need some coaching along the way.  An Agile Coach from Cultivate Agile can work with your existing team(s), helping them to recognize previously unseen value.

Agile Coaching

cultivate agile can lead the way

project management

Need more assistance than an Agile Coach can provide, let Cultivate Agile manage your agile project and train your team along the way - enabling them for the next agile project!   After an initial evaluation, the primary purpose of a Project Manager from Cultivate is to deliver a project according to your needs.  Along the way, your team will learn the skills necessary to for success on your next agile project.

Project Managemnt
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