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becoming agile

Whether you're just starting on your agile journey, or you're well underway, Cultivate Agile can help your organization become a more lean and agile organization. Below you'll see the methods, research, tools, strategies and resources that we've used during our own agile journey.

getting to know agile

Education & Research

Need to make a compelling business case for the use of Agile?  See research from a variety of sources that explains why agile methodologies are the favored methodologies today.

Education & Research
Agile Resouces

straight from the source


You're not in this alone.  There are many online user and vendor communities    that will support your agile journey. 


Here are some of our favorites.

make sense of the chaos

agile methods

Scrum, XP, SAFe, Kanban, LESS: which Agile Methodology is right for you? See our review of today's most common software development methodologies..

agile methods

enabling agility through technology

agile tools

Agile Methodologies are more than just best practices and processes.  From online collaboration to DevOps, high performing agile teams leverage a wide variety of software tools.  See our review here..

put it all together

agile tools

agile strategies

Truly being lean / agile is more than simply knowing the tools, research and methodology. Its about applying all of that in your buiness, in your industry.


Don't think that agile will work in your business or industry?  Think again.  Some of the most successful companies are employing agile to further enable their success.

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